Earn 1$ per referral

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Earn 1$ per referral Empty A SCAM

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Earn 1$ per referral Empty Earn 1$ per referral

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:53 pm

Have you ever wondered that the time you spend on the internet can be used to make money. Earlier I used to think that my pocket money is low, but I can see everyone needs more money to satisfy his needs. If you want to earn money easily then I have the solution, its simple and easy.

Earn 1$ per referral Mark2gates+6

Just create an account in the link below, by creating an account you will get a sign up bonus of 2$ and 1$ for coming to the site and signing up. Now you will be given a referral link by which you can tell other people to sign up, for their sign up you get 2$ again and if they just visit the website once then you will get just 1$ per unique visitor. By unique visitor we mean to say suppose you enter the website once then your IP will be registered, if you again go to the website through the same IP then you will not get money.


TRICK--Basically the main idea to attract users to visit this site, now what you can do you can post your referral link of various social networks like facebook, twitter, etc. If they just visit the website you are getting 1$ per visitor, suppose you have a friend-list of 500 people, so at least 100 will see what you have posted and visit the link, so you can get 100$ and approximately that amounts to ₹4700. You can also post your referral link on various blogs and forums. Its a very easy way of earning money and you can check out on just 20$ that means if you have got 20$ in your account you can withdraw it out through cheque or paypal or etc.

NOTE:Comment here for any problem cheers king

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